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David Tietje
24801 Hillbend Lane
P.O. Box 971
Kingston, WA 98346


edt3 Engineering provides expertise in the field of Ocean Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Deployment of equipment into the ocean requires the understanding the ocean, ship and marine systems. Each one of the disciplines is integrated to support a successful operation. edt3 Engineering has experience in all these fields:

Heavy lifting of equipment with cranes
Stability of vessels
Handling of submarine cable
Design of special handling machinery
Marine systems integration

The engineering of a successful project requires the use of many engineering tools for design and documentation. edt3 Engineering has experience with:

Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks & AutoCAD)
Finite Element Analysis (SolidWorks Simulation)
Stability Calculation (GHS by Creative Systems)
Mooring Design (Orcaflex)
General Analysis (MathCAD


24802 Hillbend Lane | P.O. Box 971| Kingston, WA 98346
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