Design Engineer with more than 30 years of experience and a long career of technical accomplishments in mechanical and ocean engineering. Experienced in Ocean Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Marine Engineering. Currently provides engineering support for the operation and maintenance of a U.S. Navy’s SEAFAC range located north of Ketchikan, Alaska. His experience includes engineering designs, project management, assembly and testing of underwater hardware, mooring systems, deployment of arrays, and stability of barge for heavy crane lifts, handling and moving equipment up to 70 tons with both on land and using barges, and resistance and propulsion studies. 

Member of the ANSI Technical Advisor Group (TAG) to the IEC Technical Committee (TC) 114 “Marine Energy – Wave, Tidal, and Other Water Current Converters” Currently a Subject Matter Expert on Project Team 62600-102. “Wave Energy Converter Power Performance Assessment at a Second Location Using Measured Assessment Data”


Southeast Alaska Test and Measurement Facility - Provide engineering support for the operation and maintenance of a US Navy acoustic range located in Alaska. Project have included in water hull survey of two barges, design of small boat fenders, managed the painting of the barges in place, design the components to repair the mooring wires while maintaining the barges in place, assembled the test equipment to electrical load test the power barge to 2400 kVA. Mr. Tietje wrote the shipyard specifications for the overhaul of the two barges, mooring buoys, winches, repair of piers and floating docks. He wrote a removal procedure for barges in a fixed mooring system to be removed and maintaining the mooring system. The procedure includes an underwater transfer of a 12,000 volt power cable underwater to another barge. Design and wrote procedures for the installation of temporary fiber optic telemetry cables between two barges. Wrote the procedure and deployed two miles of telemetry cable.  Did the stability analysis for heavy lift on barges. Responsible for the design of structural components used at SEAFAC. Wrote and worked as field engineer for the deployment of underwater array that are bottom mounted.  Supported diver and ROV operations.


AquaBuOY Wave Energy Test Device – (Finavera Renewables, Ltd). Mr. Tietje was the project engineer for the design and fabrication of the AquaBuOY half-scale prototype development program. The buoy was 76feet high and 11.5 feet in diameter and weighed 80,000 pounds. He work closely with the customer, the fabricator, and subcontractors during the design the building process. This required the integration of structural, mechanical, electrical and electronic components. He reviewed the deployment play to validate all the heavy lift components. He participated in the recovery and post forensic analysis of the project.


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